Bandon Coast Community Involvement

Bandon Volunteerism

Bandon's Harbortown Events Center invites you to volunteer and work together for a better community. By visiting the Bandon Cares website, you can find opportunities with local organizations to share your talents.BandonCares is a project of Bandon's nonprofit organizations. Its purpose is to facilitate communication, cooperation and collaboration among the many nonprofit groups providing service to the Bandon Community.

BandonCares is an extension of The Ford Family Foundation Leadership Program in Bandon. During the last 5 years, over 90 Bandonites have participated in leadership classes sponsored by the TFFF. In year 4, BandonCares was initiated with an event that showcased the nonprofits serving Bandon.

Key Activities of the BandonCares Project:

Working with the Bandon Chamber of Commerce to assure that it has, for the Bandon Community Calendar of Events, complete and accurate information on all community events sponsored by nonprofits. Chamber of Commerce Calendar of Events
Maintaining a website to provide information to nonprofits about opportunities for recruiting, training and meeting.
Facilitating communication among nonprofit members and volunteers to both publicize events and call for help.

Check Bandon's Harbortown Events Center for a special offer to nonprofits. Use the facility free on Tuesdays for your organization's meeting or events. Click here for more information.

Bandon Cares